Calzificio Due C has a totally green soul. We have adopted a sustainable environmental policy with investments in the field of energy saving and choice of green materials.

Corporate Sustainability and Innovation

In recent years, corporate sustainability has become an imperative and this has pushed us to seek innovative solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and adopt more sustainable practices.
As a result of our green approach, we have integrated a photovoltaic system into the production of socks and tights.
The use of solar energy to power production processes offers various advantages from both an environmental and economic point of view.

Sustainability in tights production

We are committed to reducing consumption also thanks to the choice of increasingly innovative textile machines that consume less energy and lower the production of CO2.

We are also committed to reducing the impact on the environment thanks to the choice of green raw materials and recycled yarns, minimizing waste during the production process. The use of recycled yarns allows us to give new life to pre-existing materials and reduce the environmental impact in the production of socks and tights.