Calzificio Due C Hosiery tights production


Calzificio Due C is a company strongly specialized in the production private label of women's tights, leggings and knee-highs. It has its origins back in 1988 when Virgilio and Gabriele Cazzola, two entrepreneurial brothers with proven experience in the textile sector, decided to start their own business. It is an important and well-known reality throughout the district of the province of Mantua.

Virgilio e Gabriele Cazzola

Private label classic and fashion tights production

We specialize in the private label production of socks, knee-highs, classic and patterned tights for women and girls. We create ad hoc products at the customer's request according to the needs in a complete production process that goes from the knitting to the dyed and ironed product ready for packaging.

Women's tights

Calzificio Duec produces a wide assortment of women's tights and leggings, both classic and fashion.

Girl's tights

We produce girls' tights, knee-highs and leggings with different weights from classic items to fashion tights.


The processing procedure follows highly specific phases, during which expert and prepared technicians check that each stage of the work is perfect and carried out correctly.

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Viale Bruno Ubertini, 133 46042 Castel Goffredo (MN) - Italia

Made in Italy tights production

Calzificio Due C carries out an efficient production of tights for the textile sector. The machining procedure sees the need to follow highly specific phases, during which expert and trained technicians will check that the entire work is perfect and carried out in the correct way.